• MEP Design

    We provide BIM design services for a wide range of mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering projects. From industrial and sports facilities to hospitals, office buildings and residential buildings, we design systems for our clients. We work in a BIM environment from the initial stages of design, ensuring the highest quality of specialist work and cross-discipline collaboration.

  • BIM Modeling & Clash detection

    Whether it is a design, a building under renovation or an existing building, there are many benefits to producing a high quality BIM model. In the design phase, a BIM model can be used to coordinate disciplines at a higher level, which can result much higher quality and lower construction costs for a small investment. With our full suite of BIM modelling services, we can help you produce the best model for your needs at any stage of the building lifecycle.

  • BIM Coordination & Project support

    There is great potential for cross-disciplinary 3D and even more so for BIM collaboration with high information content. With proper coordination, both the needs of clients and contractors can be met and the real capabilities of the design team can be maximised. Thanks to our experience in numerous BIM projects, our clients can rely on our BIM expert services from the definition of project requirements to the delivery of final documentation.

  • Clash detection

    We help to ensure that designs are fit for purpose by providing a clash detection of systems and a collision coordination service, improving the quality of designs and reducing costs for the client. Our modelling and clash detection services can even provide collision coordination for critical parts of non-BIM projects, and our design expertise enables us to develop solutions.

  • Point cloud and survey

    By accurately surveying existing facilities and documenting the survey on a model basis, a digital replica of existing buildings and mechanical systems can be created either as a point cloud, a 3D point cloud model or a BIM model. Our survey services ensure that our clients have a digital copy of existing facilities at their disposal. The digital replica can be used as a basis for further design, redesign, renovation or as input for facility management model and IoT applications.

  • BIM Based Facility Management Model Creation

    We cover the whole life cycle of facilities by creating Facility Management models and by providing regular maintenance. In addition to the building geometry, a Facility Management model-based operation system can also include component data, warranty and manufacturer information, as well as live data from smart sensors, dramatically facilitating operation, maintenance and further planning processes.